Monday, January 31, 2011

Can I Take Saffron During Pregnancy?

Can I Take Saffron During Pregnancy? Saffron and Pregnancy: An Overview Saffron is best known as a world's most expensive spice, although it is sometimes used medicinally as an herbal supplement. While a normal intake of saffron through dietary means is considered safe for most people, including pregnant women, large doses could be dangerous during pregnancy.

Medicinal use of saffron is not considered safe for pregnant women. It has been reported that high doses of saffron (10 grams or more) can cause contractions and even miscarriages. In some cultures, saffron is taken during pregnancy to improve the complexion of the infant. There is no evidence to suggest that this really works, but it is probably not harmful if the saffron is limited to small amounts. Keep in mind that just because other pregnant women have used a natural product without problems, this does not mean the product is safe. It takes a large group of pregnant women taking a particular medication or herb to see if it increases the risk of problems, such as miscarriages or birth defects, as these problems often occur infrequently. Saffron and Pregnancy: Final Thoughts If you are pregnant, it is always a good idea to talk to your healthcare provider before taking any medication or supplement. The two of you can consider the possible risks and benefits of using saffron in your particular situation, as well as any other treatment alternatives.

During pregnancy:  Taking saffron with milk is good for pregnant women. Saffron has a relaxing effect on the system. It helps to improve digestion as during pregnancy, digestion is slow.

According to Ayurveda taking saffron helps in the movement of the baby (baby's acivity in the stomach). Since moms can feel the movement by 5 months, it is advised they take saffron from the 5th month onwards. Also saffron tends increase body heat, that is why it is advised a little later in pregnancy. When you take saffron use 3-4 strands in a glass of milk and drink once a day.

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