Sunday, January 23, 2011

Saffron corm/Crocus sativus corm/planting material

Saffron Corms and genotypes : Study has ben shown that superior genotypes since last 13 years confirmed  superiority of 5 genotypes viz SMD-45, SMD-3, SMD-52, SMD-81. Elite genotypes recorded saffron yield ranging from 4.0-7.7 kg/ha with corresponding crocin content ranging from 13-89-17.10 percent.

We have been selling corms since last 21 years now and once again will be making corms available from June to September every year.  Those corms will flower in the period from the end of October.

Once again this year we are offering corms for sale in packages designed for home gardeners as well as for those contemplating purchasing corms in bulk.
  • 20 Corms (larger than 5 Gram)
  • Cashmeriana origon
  • Planting Guide
  • Superiority of 5 genotypes viz SMD-45, SMD-3, SMD-52, SMD-81.SMD-68
  • Available in 5 Calibars  2,5,6,8,10
  • Please indicate the numbers of corms and we supply according to the date the order has been received
  • A deposit of 100% in advance is required with the order.
  • Booking order : 12 months
For further information If you are interested in purchasing Corms from the Chenab Industries Kashmir-CIK nursery, or to request more information email
Write to: Chenab Industries Kashmir-CIK, POB: 667 GPO Srinagar SGR JK 190001
Contact us at : Chenab industries Kashmir-CIK, Ist street, Shaheed-e-Azemat Road, Nambalbal, Pampore PPR JK 192121
Ph: 01933-223705
Mob: 09858986794

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