Saturday, September 12, 2015

Four o'clock-Mirabilis jalapa plant in India

Mirabilis jalapa
Other names: Four o'clock plant Four o'clock-Mirabilis jalapa Four o'clock seeds -Marvel Of  Peru 
Bot. Mirabilis jalapa 
Family: Nyctaginaceae (Four-o'clock Family) 
Synonyms : Jalapa officinalis Garsault; Nyctago jalapae (L.) DC.; Nyctago versicolor Salisb.; Mimosa hispidula Kunth 

Medicinal properties :  Considered diuretic, purgative, vulnerary. Tubers are weakly purgative and emetic. Root is believed to be aphrodisiac; also reported to be purgative, emetic and cathartic. Parts used : Leaves, roots, tubers. Mirabilis jalapa is a long-lived (perennial) herb growing up to 2 metres high, with a tuberous root. Its leaves are egg-shaped in outline with broad end at base (ovate), oblong, or triangular, measuring to 9 cm long.; the leaf tip is acute, base cordate. The leaf stalk (petiole) is 4 cm long. Flowers of M. jalapa occur in groups of 3-7; flower stalks more or less absent; flowers are fragrant and open in the afternoon; flowers are tubular, white, pink or red in colour, up to 6.5 long by 3.5 wide with 5-6 stamens. Mirabilis jalapa is cultivated in gardens for ornamental purposes. It is also said to be medicinal, with antivirus properties. In herbal medicine, parts of the plant may be used as a diuretic, purgative, and for vulnerary (wound healing) purposes.

Mirabilis jalapa seeds available in Pink and Black Min : 25 seeds per pacaket 
More details: JKMPIC- J&K Medicinal Plants Introduction Centre
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